Leotards for Every Body – A Dancer’s Guide

If you are enrolled in a dance or gymnastics program where you are not required to wear a specific uniform, you may find it rewarding to be able to have fun with different styles of boys leotards. Well, just like any other piece of clothing, leotards also fit differently on different body types. For some, they can work as a wonder. But it’s not true for all. So, in this small guide, we will be discussing different types of leotards that you may enjoy for your body type.

Hunt for the Right Leotard

Every girl is indeed on the hunt for the right and most unique leotard that goes with their body type. While some girls prefer accentuating their neck, others show off their legs. A lot of girls even like the ones with detailed backs, and some prefer support and coverage.

Well, the best part is that girls leotard gymnastics come in every shape, style, and color. We understand that no two bodies are alike and need different support and enhancement to stand out. Well, if you are one of those girls who want to find the right size and style of leotards, then you have come to the right place. Here we will tell you everything you need to know about finding the right leotards.

Important Thing to Consider Before Buying a Leotard

Before you buy competition leotards, there are a few things that you need to consider something important.

Your Body Shape

Firstly measure your body from shoulders to hips. That will give you a better insight into your body. And once you have your body measurements, it can become easy for you to round up the figures. You can then figure out what’s your body shape.

If you want to know how you can measure your waist, then you should start midway between the ribs and hip bone’s top. If you want to get the right and most accurate measurement, try breathing out and then measuring. To measure your shoulders, you may need the help of somebody. Just turn around and let them hold the measuring tape from one shoulder’s end to another. To measure the hips, place the measuring tape right below the hip bone and wrap it around the hips (widest part). That way, you can easily measure your hips.

Having measurements of your body proportion can help you in determining the right clothes for gymnastics to wear.

Different Types of Leotards

Here are different types of leotards that you can consider buying.

1. High Back Leotards

High-back leotards are a great option if you want a little support and coverage at the back. The design was created to allow girls to wear undergarments beneath the leotards without actually showing. It helps the gymnast or dancer in accentuating their shape.

The high back leotards are also great for new dancers who feel comfortable with a little more coverage. You can find some amazing colors and designs for this kind of leotard.

2. Cross-Back Leotards

These leotards are quite trendy and check all the boxes in the fashion department. They are an absolute favorite of the majority of dancers and gymnasts. The details at the back of these leotards can help in detracting attention from things or bottoms that may be large. And the best part, they make you look fabulous.

3. Low Leg Line Leotards

This leotard is great for those who have come back to dancing after a while. This leotard is designed to give a little more coverage and provide a generous fit with support and comfort in the front.

4. Long Sleeve Leotards

And lastly, there are the long sleeve leotards. These leotards can help you reduce the attention from your waistline. But these may bring all the attention to your hips, so you better be prepared for it. And if you feel that your arms may look too short, these long sleeve leotards can help you with that.

When it comes to finding custom leotards depending on your body shape, you need to be aware of your own body first. Find out what body type you have, and things can become easy from there. You can even get a custom leotard by sewing it yourself. We hope this guide helped you in finding everything you need to know about choosing the right leotard.

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